Patatas Guerra is a potato factory in Xinzo De Limia, a small town in southern Galicia.

Not far from the factory owned by the Guerra (Spanish word for “war”) family, a second company involved in growing potatoes has its headquarters: Patatas Paz (Spanish word for “peace”).



The eternal fight between the two sides has found its climax in football, a field where the teams from the two factories have battled for countless years.

As we saw the football t-shirt of the Guerra factory, we immediately stood on their side and decided to support them forever. We bring it everywhere we go; with its low resolution texture of a pile of potatoes and black and white text printed on 100% synthetic fabric, it helps us to enact rituals to drive them to victory. We take action against Paz, traveling the lands and meeting the locals, getting them involved in the conflict.



We enact ceremonies to gather more and more supporters, hiding in remote locations of the continent. Our strategy relies on a network without boundaries, as we are seeking constant debate with our allies, be they from any of the lands we walk upon in our mission. Together we drink potions of unknown effects, then explore the surrounding landscape to find the right location for our ritual.

As soon as all the objects are placed in position, the ancient spirits of Guerra appear among us, surrounded by a glowing fairy dust that shows up on each of our sessions. Every ritual’s day after we wake up with strong headaches, not remembering what happened during the session or where exactly we went. The ancient spirits protect us from finding that location again, but they give us as gift a collection of pictures from the final stage of the ritual.

This collection is what is left of the rituals accomplished so far.